Castro County Healthcare District (CCHD) honored their employees with an Employee Potluck Luncheon in January. They recognized the employees who had reached a certain milestone in their careers at CCHD.

“It is not only a place of employment, but it becomes a second family,” said Candis Rodriguez, a 5-year honoree.

The luncheon was in honor of those who have worked for Castro County Healthcare for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years. Each honoree was given a pin that reflected their years of service by the CEO, Linda Rasor. The four employees who have been with CCHD for 25 years were also given a Kenneth Wyatt framed cross.

“We have all been here so long we feel like a family,” said Elidia Dozal, a 20-year honoree. “We are so blessed to have the employees we have, and everyone does a great job!”

This year we recognized a total of 29 employees with a combined total of 335 years of service to the district.

“As you can see, 335 years of combined service to the district notes the level of dedication and commitment of the staff,” said Rasor. “They are loyal and caring and I appreciate their service to our patients and community.”

The honorees include,

For 25 years: Peggy Ehly, Lorraine Mendoza, Linda Rasor, and Manuel Saenz.

For 20 years: Dana Cobb, Elidia Dozal, and Carole Hopson.

For 15 years: Cynthia Betz, Celina Brockman, Judy Herriage, and Gloria Puente.

For 10 years: Mary Claire Ayson, Michelle Calderon, Juana Carrasco, Mary Crow, and Elisha Graham.

For 5 years: Keith Clayton, Deidre Enriquez, Stephanie Esquivel, Veronica Gonzalez, Peggy Birkenfeld, Dena Bye, Amy Martinez, Jessica Moore, Michael Panturad, Lisa Pena, Michelle Jackson, Candis Rodriguez, and Johnny Sanchez.