Castro County Healthcare Pricing Information

Our dedicated employees, volunteers, and physicians set us apart because they believe in service, in family, and in our community. We believe in providing a personal, high value service and you will notice we enjoy our work, which is taking care of your healthcare needs.

The services you receive from your provider are based on your individual need and medical condition. Actual charges will vary based on services delivered and medical condition. Additional tests or services not listed in the estimate may be ordered by your doctor or provider, in order to treat, diagnose or care for individual needs.

If you need further details or help understanding the billing process, please contact our team at 806-647-2191. Additionally, if you do not have health insurance or believe you may not have enough insurance, please contact our billing staff to determine whether you qualify for discounts on our hospital services.

Understanding the Cost of Care and CDM File

In an effort to promote price transparency and remain in compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Castro County Healthcare is making their standard charges available to the public, this is known as a “Charge Master”, “Charge Description Master”, or “CDM”.

While we support greater transparency around hospital pricing, billing for medical services is a complex issue and the charges listed in our hospital chargemaster do not provide a complete picture of what you may actually pay. Patients should view this information as only a starting point in determining their total financial responsibility.


The CDM file is available as a downloadable Excel Document, which provides a multitude of items and services that may be provide by Plains Memorial Hospital or the Medical Center of Dimmit.

  • There are multiple tabs, these have the charges divided by type of service in different departments, or there is an All Dept. Tab to view all charges.
  • Each Tab have three main Columns, these included:
    • CDM Description Column – This is the description of the service that is associated to the Bill Item ID Number.
    • CPT Code Column – This is the code that is on the claim to the insurance company. Some services will not have a CPT code.
    • Charge Column – This is charge of the service listed.