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We are dedicated to serving the people of Castro County with up-to-date medical care and technology.

Plains Medical Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization established in 2000 that exists solely to help Castro County Healthcare and Plains Memorial Hospital seek funding in the form of gifts and grants that benefit the hospital. The mission of the Foundation is to direct fundraising and manage gifts in support of healthcare excellence for Plains Memorial Hospital and the citizens of Castro County.

Plains Medical Foundation is governed by a board of trustees consisting of employees, directors and community members, with Linda Rasor, CEO overseeing the Foundation as president.

The purpose of Plains Medical Foundation is:

  • To support, assist and promote the healthcare activities
  • To subsidize any District operating deficits
  • To fund for capital expenditures
  • To fund for real property
  • To fund for scholarships and educational grants
  • To help with fundraising activities and direct solicitation

There are many ways in which individuals can participate. Gifts can be made as a lump –sum; over several years; through a bequest in a will; or by gifting stocks, real estate, and other personal property.

Gifts can be made in honor of or in memory of a loved one. All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. A bequest is one way you can make a lifetime gift of cash, real estate or securities to Plains Medical Foundation simply by adding a codicil to your current will.

Gifts and grants received by the Foundation have been used for a stated purpose – for example, to purchase new ultrasound equipment, new equipment for the aquatic therapy pool, a new hydraulic stretcher for EMS, a bar scanner for the hospital pharmacy, and to remodel the Ettie McDermitt Education Room.

Families who have built their lives in Castro County and surrounding area know the importance of a good, strong community – a hospital being an essential piece. Castro County Healthcare looks once again to its community to pave the way to a more stable future. Through the generosity of individuals and
businesses, CCH not only can offer the best medical services to its citizens today but also for many years to come. It is our hope that future generations will look back on the efforts of this hospital and the concerned citizens of our community and understand the vision that was necessary to create a model for healthcare excellence. Our motto is “People you know, caring for you like family.”

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