Turn our Hospital into a Shining Celebration of Life

Castro County Hands of Hope is a group created this year by Castro County Healthcare to intentionally impact local lives. And guess what? It’s really happening! AND anyone can join in to volunteer to intentionally impact lives! There is not a time or resource minimum or maximum. You can spend an hour on a ramp build, stay until it is finished or bring us some cold water and brownies!! You can also be on the Hands of Hope email list to receive county needs, to find out if there is a shortage of peanut butter at the food bank, or if someone needs a hand up by paying for all or part of a GED course! The email is handsofhope@cchdonline.com or call Janet Sammann at 647.8755.

These are things that are already happening:

The Hands of Hope volunteers just built the fifth ramp for a Dimmitt resident Tuesday night and four more are in the works, a cooperative food supply for the hungry is being established, and a promising community garden was initiated by Hands of Hope in cooperation with Dimmitt High School instructors Larry Garcia and Marsha Swilley, and Castro County Nursing and Rehab.The nursing home is providing the land and water at this time, Hands of Hope volunteers acquired plants from the High Plains Food Bank and planted them early one morning before an 8 am workday at the hospital began, and Mr. Garcia and Mrs. Swilley organized the pumpkin seed planting with the Jump Start summer class. Special thanks to Zach Smith for plowing the garden and Sharon, Will, and Sara Wall along with Jenna Jones in creating waterways. Floyd Lopez has also been a huge help in building the ramps. Others have been donating fresh garden vegetables and eggs. This is only the beginning of what we can all do together for each other!

Just remember that intentional life changers understand collaboration – there is no one man wolf-pack!

Things are happening! We can choose to sit and sour or join the wolf-pack! What is your choice?

What can you do to help today?

Join our Listserv email list to stay informed of the needs we have identified in the community and how you can help at handsofhope@cchdonline.com.
Please provide your name, number and email address.