Medicare has identified that the care of chronic health conditions is a very important goal. Chronic conditions are ongoing medical problems that must be managed effectively in a partnership between you and your care team to maintain the best health possible. Medicare has created a new program to promote these services. Castro County Healthcare is participating in the program and will encourage any qualified patient to participate.

How It Works:

  • You will have access to care management services 24/7.
  • You and our care team will create a care plan that is unique to you. It will address all your health conditions. We’ll identify specific goals, barriers and outcomes to focus on during the program.
  • Each month, your care manager will call you to track your progress. If you have any new concerns or issues, you can address them with your care team at any time.
  • We will provide you with a copy of your care plan and clinical summary. It may also be shared with other providers involved in your care.
  • We will review and help you to manage your medications, including refills.
  • We will coordinate with home and community – based clinical service providers.

Chronic Care Manager

Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions are eligible for the CCM program. Your provider will determine if your conditions qualify you. An example of common chronic conditions are: Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia, asthma, cancer, COPD, depression, diabetes, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, anemia, hyperlipidemia, stroke, chronic kidney disease, atrial fibrillation, hypothyroidism, and osteoporosis.

Depending on any other insurance that you may have, you may be charged a copay for this service. Typically, this amount is around $8 – $9 per month. If you have coinsurance, supplemental insurance or Medicaid, the copay may be covered. Our office will bill Medicare for Chronic Care Management services once a month. Although you may be in the office every month, your account will reflect this charge and you will be responsible for any copay that is not covered.

Only one provider can bill per month. You can only be signed up for a CCM program with one provider. We hope that you’ll let Castro County HealthCare manage you CCM program. If you already signed an agreement with another provider or office, please let us know.

Your provider believes that this program will help to manage your ongoing medical conditions, which will reduce your long-term healthcare costs. By effectively managing your conditions, your care team will be communicating with you frequently and will be able to track your progress and identify concerns more frequently. Hopefully, this will help to keep you out of the hospital and avoid additional costs in the future.

We must obtain your consent to enroll you in this program. Castro County Healthcare will provide you with an agreement form to sign. This agreement includes your authorization for electronic communications of medical information with other treating providers. You can cancel your CCM agreement at any time. This can be done in writing at our office at the Medical Center of Dimmitt.