At the beginning of August 2020, Castro County Healthcare welcomed a new medical doctor to their staff, Dr. DC Ward. Dr. Ward and his wife, and two sons moved to Dimmitt from Lubbock, Texas upon his completion of his residency in Lubbock, Texas in June of 2020.

Dr. Ward has always had a love for science, but it was not until after years in the field, did he realize he can incorporate his love of science in the medical field to help others help themselves.

“I’ve been diabetic since I was 14 years old and was always more interested in science than any of the other subjects,” said Dr. Ward. “Medicine incorporates the use of a science background to help people help themselves. It’s most enjoyable when patients gain a more thorough understanding of their condition and use that knowledge to modify their lifestyle and establish control and feel better.”

Prior to his time in medical school at Texas Tech Health Science Center (HSC), Dr. Ward taught at Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He also had a ten-year teaching stint in Longview, Texas as a science and chemistry teacher, as well as a swim coach.

He has gained his years of experience in the science and chemistry industry prior to his teaching career after his graduation from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s in chemistry.  He first worked for a couple of years as a soil chemist at Oklahoma State University, and then worked as an industrial chemist for an industrial service firm out of Houston, Texas.

Dr. Ward and his wife love to spend time with their two boys, as well as being outdoors either on hiking trails, gardening, or bird hunting. Dr. Ward hopes to purse his love of bird hunting close to Dimmitt. Over the many years of being long time hiking partners, Dr. Ward and his wife, have a fun fact about them.  They built the first two bridges on the trail coming from British Columbia, Canada into the Idaho Panhandle while working on the trail crew for the US Forest Service.

Dr. Ward is currently accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment with him, contact the Medical Center of Dimmitt at 806-647-2194.