The Medical Center of Dimmitt May Spotlight: Liliana Aguilar

//The Medical Center of Dimmitt May Spotlight: Liliana Aguilar

The Medical Center of Dimmitt spotlights Liliana Aguilar this month for her dedication to providing compassionate care to the Castro County Community. Liliana has been providing this care to Castro County since July of 2016 with Dr. Shanley.

“I decided to get into nursing for my kids,” said Lilana. “I wanted to be more educated about health for my kids and what to do if they got sick.”

Her passion for nursing may have started with her kids, but she also loves to see the difference nurses make in a patient’s life, and how much they can help the patients. She enjoys working at the Medical Center of Dimmitt and the “family atmosphere” that the staff has.

“My favorite thing about working at the clinic is the teamwork we have here!” said Lilianna.

Castro County Hospital District is pleased to have such wonderful and dedicated nurses like Liliana, that help provide care and serve the Castro County community with a smile. We are the people you know, we are family, and we care.