The Medical Center of Dimmitt June Spotlight: Erika Presas

//The Medical Center of Dimmitt June Spotlight: Erika Presas

There are many different people who assist you at the Medical Center of Dimmitt. Your first point of contact can affect your overall experience at Castro County Healthcare’s Clinic.


One of those people that greet you with a smile, or a upbeat hello on the phone is Erika Presas, a Registration Clerk and Scheduler.


“The most rewarding thing about my job is knowing at the end of the day that I helped someone out,” said Erika.  “Even if it’s as simple as making someone an appointment.”


Erika has been working for CCHD since January of 2016. She originally worked for Plains Memorial Hospital, and then moved over to the Medical Center of Dimmitt in October of 2016. She has been dedicated to the care of Castro County Community through the clinic since.


She has always enjoyed helping people and working in customer service. Working at The Medical Center of Dimmitt was a great opportunity for her to do both and learn something new. The clinic is a close group of people and if you ask any of them their favorite thing about working there is the people, they are like a family, always willing to help each other out.


“I love my job and he people I work with,” said Erika. “I really appreciate that I was nominated for the June Clinic Spotlight.”