Plains Memorial Hospital (PMH) offers patients extended care for a smoother transition through their Swing Bed program. Swing Bed can serve each patient differently, especially for extended care following an extensive surgery, neurological disorders such as stroke, generalized weakness due to certain chronic condition, and when someone no longer needs acute care but they are not quite ready to go home.


The Recovery Near Home program (Swing Bed) at Plains Memorial Hospital allows them to receive the extended care they need without the need to change facilities. It is a unique program that acts as a bridge between the hospital and home, offering peace of mind to both patients and their families and allowing a more comfortable recovery.


“I just regarded the Swing Bed as a transitional time,” said Ray Jo Riley, a PMH Swing Bed patient. “I enjoyed being closer to family where they didn’t have to drive so far to come and check on me. It serves the purpose it is intended to and set up for, as far as I am concerned.”


Swing Bed Coordinator, Paula Proffitt, speaks about how Plains Memorial Hospital is a critical access hospital so they can use any room for inpatient care or skilled nursing and rehabilitation. With Swing Bed, the hospital can “swing” a patient’s level of care from acute to skilled nursing and rehabilitation. If acute care is needed again, the patient can be “swing” back, meaning there is no need for them to change facilities.


“After my hip replacement in Amarillo, they told me they wanted to discharge me and transfer me to a rehab facility,” said Dee Briscoe, a PMH Swing Bed Patient. “I said no thank you, I am going back to Dimmitt to Swing Bed. The nurse asked me, ‘what about your therapy’, and I told her we have the best therapy there is, you can’t beat it, so I am going to do all this at home.”


While you are in Swing Bed at PMH you have access to their 24-hour access to their skilled nursing services, including nursing, wound care and physical therapy.


A referral from a physician is required for anyone who is wanting to come recover at home through PMH Swing Bed. There is a minimum three midnight stay required, so speak with your physician about coming especially if it is an elective surgery, or if you don’t have anyone at home to care for you.


“It is a good option for patients who might otherwise be discharged to a nursing home when all they really need is skilled nursing care for just a few more days before returning home,” said Proffitt. “We call it an intermediate step from being an acute patient until being able to go home. It’s just another step to helping you get there.”


For any questions or more information on PMH Swing Bed Program you can contact Paula Proffitt at 806-647-8790 or visit 310 W Halsell St in Dimmitt, Texas.