Country View Living Awaiting Inspections

//Country View Living Awaiting Inspections

Construction has been completed on Country View Living (CVL), the new senior living facility for Castro County Hospital District (CCHD).  The furniture and equipment have been delivered and setup along with the Starbucks kiosk.  The landscaping will be completed by March 20, 2019 according to Paradise Landscaping from Lubbock, Texas.

CCHD is waiting for the Texas Department of Health and Human Services to schedule a life safety inspection according to Laura Kimball, Administrator for CVL.  The life safety inspection is a scheduled inspection that will last three to four days.  They will check the electrical, mechanical and fire systems along with the kitchen equipment.  Once this inspection is completed then CVL can admit three residents and then call for a health inspection.

The state has up to 30 days to complete the health inspection and this is currently an unscheduled inspection.   After the health inspection is completed then CVL can begin admitting the remaining residents.  CVL has already completed and passed their American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Inspection in mid-December of 2018.

There are currently twenty-nine people from Castro County on the waiting list for the sixty-bed facility. CVL has a designated wellness center, rehab area, activity room and chapel. There is also a salon and many gathering areas throughout the facility along with covered outdoor areas for residents and families to enjoy.

Kimball noted that the application for CVL’s life safety inspection has been at the state office for three weeks and they are anxiously awaiting an inspection date so the facility can open.

“It is a long and tedious process, but we are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel” stated Kimball.

Once CVL has the life safety inspection scheduled, they will schedule an Open House event for the facility.

“I believe that everyone will be very pleased with the facility and the extras being provided for the residents and community,” noted CEO, Linda Rasor.