CCHD offers DOT Physical Examinations

//CCHD offers DOT Physical Examinations

Castro County Healthcare District offers Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical Exams. The DOT exam is required for anyone operating a commercial vehicle. The exam is to determine that the driver has the capability to successfully complete the duties of commercial driving.

DOT Physical Exams must be conducted by a certified medical professional. This is important for any Castro County School employee to have if they will be driving a bus. The State of Texas requires all school bus drivers to pass an annual DOT physical.

Here are a few examples of what you can expect during a DOT physical exam. You will be asked various questions about your medical history. The physician will also conduct a detailed physical exam, looking for any signs of obesity, alcoholism, and other medical conditions. The exam requires a urine sample to check for any medical conditions, drugs, or alcohol. Your vison and hearing will be tested as well.

If you are needing your annual DOT physical exam before the start of the school year call and schedule an appointment with one of The Medical Center of Dimmitt’s physicians at 806.647.2194.