CCHD Honors their Employees for their Years of Service

//CCHD Honors their Employees for their Years of Service

Castro County Healthcare (CCHD) recognized 175 years of service last Thursday, January 24at their Years of Service Reception. The employees that were honored had each reached a milestone in their careers at CCHD, ranging from five to 30 years of service. Their hard work over the years have not only allowed exceptional service to the community, but they continue to provide that service with enjoyment.


“Castro County Healthcare provided then, and continues to provide such awesome medical service to our community,” said Guila Barrios, a 10-year honoree and Welch Rehab Admission Clerk. “It is rewarding in that every day I see community members come and go and I am confident that [CCHD] is giving the best healthcare possible.”


While enjoying some lemonade and cake, the 15 honorees were presented with years of service pins by CEO, Linda Rasor, in front of their co-workers, that many refer to as “family”.


“One of my favorite memories [at CCHD] has been working holidays,” said Ebonie Galvan, 5-year honoree and EMT Paramedic. “It was always nice to have that work family that made [working] the holiday so much better. All the laughs and good food. A home away from home.”


The team at CCHD work and live by their mission of providing the best quality of service to their community, and their vision of being “better than the day before.”


“We have very dedicated employees that truly care about our patients as well as each other,” said Deana Beames, 30- year honoree and Radiology Director. “There are not many facilities where departments are willing to help each other out, but here at CCHD it is a total team effort.”


CCHD has opened many doors for past and current employees. Many of who during their years of service have attended school to advance their career by growing their knowledge in their field, or expanding into another within the medical field. They also opened many doors with their job opportunities.


“Working at [CCHD] is very fulfilling, “said Danna Roflo, a 10- year honoree and Laboratory Director. “Even more important, coming from another country I feel blessed with this job and the opportunity that brought me to CCHD 10 years ago.”


The 2019 Honorees include:

30 years: Deana Beames

25 years: Rosa Linda Jimenez

15 years: Mechelle Corrales and Tina Vasquez

10 years: Guila Barrios, Melissa Black, Susan Hochstein, Heather Jeter, Danna Roflo, Debbie Underwood, and Angelica Vasquez

5 years: Linda Aguero, Abagail Birdwell, Ebonie Galvan, and Raneta Patton