Be the Early Bird on your Back-To-School Checklist

//Be the Early Bird on your Back-To-School Checklist

As August approaches, so does preparing your children for their back-to-school requirements. Since August can be a busy time for wellness exams you can help your family by scheduling an exam earlier and avoid the back-to-school rush.

Castro County Healthcare encourages parents to make sure their children are up to date on their immunization before they start school in August. The Medical Center of Dimmitt can also print you a copy of your child’s immunization record for only $5.00 per print. There can be numerous viruses and diseases at school. By getting your child vaccinated helps your child’s body defend against certain illnesses that can easily spread.

“Keeping your child up-to-date on vaccinations is very important,” said Linda Aguero, Clinic Director at The Medical Center of Dimmitt. “That is why we encourage you to talk with your provider about what vaccinations are needed for your child, and any other medical concerns you may have.”

There are vaccination requirements that are enforced by public schools and childcare facilities to help prevent diseases. You can reduce the risk of contracting diseases by staying up-to- date on your child’s vaccination schedules. This in turn can also help reduce medical expenses for illnesses that can cause people to miss work or school. Immunizations that children kindergarten through college might need can include diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis b, varicella (chickenpox), meningococcal (bacterial meningitis) and hepatitis a.

It is not only important for your child to have all the required immunizations to help fight against numerous viruses but also to have a yearly physical or wellness exam, even if they don’t plan to participate in sports.  An annual wellness exam is also the perfect time for you to discuss with your doctor about any concerns you may have, and all measurements you should take to prepare your child for a healthy year.

To schedule an appointment for your child’s annual exam or immunizations call The Medical Center of Dimmitt at 806-647-2194.