Skilled Nursing Care/Swing Bed Services

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Skilled Nursing Care Beds “Swing Beds” of Plains Memorial Hospital are for those patients who still need a high level of nursing care, but not to the same degree that is required for acute care patients.

As a Medicare patient, you may be eligible for skilled nursing care in this facility after a hospital stay of at least three days if you enter the Skilled Nursing Care Program within a limited period of time (30 days) after leaving the hospital. You may only enter the Skilled Nursing Care Facility upon the order of a physician who is an active member of the Medical Staff of the hospital. Your physician can tell you if your condition would justify Skilled Nursing Care.

Examples of conditions which may require skilled nursing care in a Swing Bed Program could be: joint repair for either fractures or degeneration, continued IV antibiotic for a resolving infection, generalized weakness with impaired mobility, or self care deficit.

In order to qualify, the following conditions must be met:

Management of and/or planning of patient care requires a Registered Nurse for assessment, intervention and/or supervision on a 24 hours basis. Care can only be provided on an inpatient basis in a skilled facility.

Frequent observation and assessment of the patient by a Registered Nurse or Skilled Rehabilitation Personnel is required due to the likelihood of change in a patient’s need for modification of treatment.

The patient does not require the daily supervision of a doctor, but does require complex or highly technical nursing services on a daily basis in order to prevent or minimize deterioration or to sustain health status.

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Swing Bed Coordinator
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