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Dimmitt is the quintessential small town with a flair southern hospitality. Dimmitt is the county seat in Castro County, Texas. The population was 4,375 in the 2000 census.

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Dimmitt Texas History

Dimmitt was named for Reverand W.C. Dimmitt and Castro county was named after Henri Castro. Castro was one of the most important empresarios of the Republic of Texas. He was responsible for bringing hundreds of families to Texas. He settled in Castroville, Texas a city in Medina County that he had named after himself.

The Infamous Gun Fight

Tension exploded into a gunfight between Ira Aten, a retired Texas Ranger and Andrew McClelland after a heated debate in the court house as to which town would be the county seat.

A historical marker at the court-house square commemorates the event.

Castro County excels in agriculture, producing large yields of corn, wheat, sunflowers, sugar beets and vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onions, cucumbers).

Italian Prisoners of War were detained in Castro County during WWII. A monument was dedicated to the ones who died in captivity is located on a ranch about 14 miles outside of town. Volunteers look after the shrine, the history and letters from prisoners. Several researchers have visited over the years.

Today Dimmitt and Castro County are agriculturally based. They produce large amounts of vegetables and other crops. Livestock is also a major source of income. It is also experiencing industrial growth.

Dimmitt Attractions

The Castro County Courthouse was replaced in 1906 with a new courthouse. It's located on the square on Broadway and Texas Hwy 86, known locally as Bedford Street. The Castro County Historical Museum can be found at 404 West Halsell St. in the old Carter House. Open Monday through Friday, from 1 to 5. J. W. Carter was the first resident physician in Dimmitt.

History of Castro County and Dimmitt, Texas

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For more information about Dimmitt and Castro County you can contact the Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce.

Dimmitt Chamber of Commerce

Karron Smith, Executive Director
115 W. Bedford
Dimmitt, TX 79027
Phone: 806-647-2524

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