Castro County Healthcare Business Office


If you did provide insurance information, we will send claim forms to your primary insurance company about 7 days after your treatment. If you provided a second insurance, we will bill any balance to them after the primary insurance company pays. If there is a balance due, after insurance has paid, you are expected to pay in full or make payment arrangements within 30 days.

We do wish to remind you that your bill, regardless of the type of insurance you may have, is your responsibility. We are happy to file for your benefits, but we do expect you to work with your insurance company so your benefits are paid in a timely manner.


If you have no insurance, you will receive your first bill 5 days after treatment. You are expected to pay in full or make arrangements, within 30 days. (If your account is paid within 30 days you will receive a 20% discount).

Financial Assistance Program.......

Castro County Healthcare will make available upon request an application for our Financial Assistance Program to any patient or responsible party. Federal Poverty Guidelines are used to determine eligibility. If you have any questions regarding this program or would like an application, please call our Social Services Director at 806-647-8721 or the Hospital Business Office at 806-647-2191, ext 8743.


Statements will be sent to you to keep you informed of our progress in collecting your insurance benefits.

If you have Medicare, your first statement will be sent about 60 days after you were here, or when your insurance(s) have paid, whichever is first.

For Blue Cross, Commercial and all other insurance, your first statement will be sent following the receipt of your insurance payment.

For automobile claims, you will receive your first bill 5 days after treatment. Your insurance may have been billed, but we want to keep you informed on the progress of the collections on the automobile claim.

How often will you hear from us?

After you receive your first statement, you will get a statement from us each month. This will list any insurance payment(s) we've received.

What else you may expect

You may have been here as an inpatient or outpatient, for xrays, lab work, emergency room visits or surgery. If any of these situations apply, you may receive a separate bill from the radiologist, pathologist in addition to your hospital bill. You may contact the hospital Business Office if you have questions about your hospital charges or emergency room charges..

An itemized bill of your hospital service is available upon request.