Sara Salinas Wins Yeti Cooler


Congratulations to Sara Salinas on winning the Yeti Cooler from Castro County Healthcare (CCHD). Salinas filled out a survey, along with over 300 other community members, and was drawn at random for the cooler.


CCHD strives to better serve the community and appreciate all who participated in the healthcare survey. We are pleased to see that Salinas showed appreciation on her survey by stating how thankful she is that the community has such great services in this small town.


On Wednesday, January 22, Salinas came to collect her yeti cooler in the lobby at the Plains Memorial Hospital given to her by CEO, Linda Rasor. She was very gracious and had many more kind words to say about Castro County Healthcare.


“I really appreciate the hospital,” said Salinas. “You know we may be a small town but y’all have a wonderful hospital. Those smiles are wonderful for sick people, and for their families. I would recommend it to anyone.”


The administration at CCHD take all survey suggestions into consideration and strive to improve care and service provided. We encourage anyone that has a request or comment to fill out a survey. We are thankful for the support, like Salinas’ that is given to our hospital and clinic.



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