Joint Injections Offered at Medical Center of Dimmitt



Peggy Birkenfeld FNP-C, Castro County Healthcare nurse practitioner, is now able to offer joint injections for our patients.  Peggy attended the “Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Medicine for Primary Care” training conference in Napa, California April 26-28th.  It was an in depth conference on orthopedics, rheumatology and musculoskeletal conditions including current treatment strategies.  Training included joint injections for knees, hips, and shoulder injections as well as treatment for inflammatory joint diseases.   

We are excited to have two employees able to offer this added service to our patients.  Dr. Leo Altenberg is also experienced in joint injections.  These injections can provide great relief to individuals experiencing joint pain and discomfort.  These added services show our commitment to remain true to our mission “To provide high quality, ethical, and cost effective healthcare services that improve the health of the communities we serve.”  If you are experiencing joint pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. Leo Altenberg or Peggy Birkenfeld FNP-C to see if injections are an option for you.  To schedule an appointment call the Medical Center of Dimmitt at 647-2194.

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